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INR 999 For Ticket Number below:

INR1999 for Ticket Number below:

INR3999 for Ticket Number below:


  1. To join Sports Jackpot Tournament , *** MINIMUM BET MUST 100 ***
  2. Ticket Number claim only for sports MUST (with mininum bet 100).
    • INR 999 for Ticket Number below:
      • xxxxx111
      • xxxxx222
      • xxxxx333
    • INR 1999 for Ticket Number below:
      • xxxx1111
      • xxxx2222
      • xxxx3333
    • INR3999 for Ticket Number below:
      • xxx11111
      • xxx22222
      • xxx33333
  3. ONLY can claim it immediated BY SAME DAY with provide time winning.
  4. Members are required to SCREENSHOT their *TICKET NUMBER* and PM our C.S thru LINE / LIVECHAT / WHATAPPS / TELEGRAM / WECHAT to claim bonus.
  5. TONY88 company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


  1. reached MYR/SGD 1,888++ to entitle for this promotion.
  2. - Effective betting reaches MYR/SGD 1,888 or more, you can apply for additional bonus bonuses on the next day.
  3. - This promotion exclusively open for ” Sport Game“ except Slot Game &All Live Casino is not entitled for this promotion
  4. This jackpot tournament applies to all TONY88 members.
  5. This jackpot tournament continued on 00:00:00 (GMT+8) 1 AUG 2023.
  6. The leaderboard ranking will be updated before 18:00:00 (GMT+8) daily.
  7. Monthly winners will be informed via PM LINE / LIVECHAT / WHATAPPS / TELEGRAM / WECHAT and updated in the leaderboard on the 3th of every month during the jackpot tournament ongoing.
  8. Any freebet amount won as a part of this ranking tournament will be credited to your user ID without rollover.
  9. If two members appear on the same rank on the leaderboard, the winnings of that rank will be equally split among them.
  10. Participants with multiple accounts registered in the same address and IP will be automatically disqualified in this event.
  11. TONY88 reserves the right to cancel this jackpot tournament at any time, either for all players or individual player.
  12. Subjected to terms of use of TONY88 Standard Jackpot Tournament Terms and Conditions.